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Not many hospitality management companies have been in the news as much as Winegardner & Hammons has, because we’re always hard at work redefining hotel management and development. Even fewer have received the accolades that we have earned—we invite you to peruse the awards and recognition we’ve received! To see what we’ve been working on lately, check our most recent newsletter.
July 17, 2013
LAS VEGAS, NV. – July 17, 2013 – Winegardner & Hammons has won a Marriott eCommerce Achievement Award for 2013. The award is given to the franchisee who represents the highest level of overall achievement and partnership in eCommerce, helping to promote and engage the eCommerce discipline within and without the respective companies.

Brandon Harper, eCommerce Manager, for WHI, accepted the award. Shawn Paley, Director of Global eCommerce Services at Marriott International, shared these remarks:

“Brandon has served on the eCommerce Franchise Subcommittee for the past 4 years, consistently being one of the most active and engaged members of the team. He is not only someone who Marriott looks to for feedback and expertise, but a person many of our other Franchise members have turned to as well for his thoughtful advice and strong overall eCommerce knowledge.  WHI hotels consistently align with Marriott eCommerce strategy and Brandon has always had a strong desire and willingness to be as involved as possible in pilots, testing or simply providing field input, which greatly helps the Marriott eCommerce department move forward with new features, functions and programs.

“Brandon is always honest and straightforward in his and WHI’s positions, and – even when such positions differ from Marriott’s viewpoints – they are always expressed in a positive manner with the intent of actively building a true partnership with Marriott.

“He has also shown great follow-up within Winegardner & Hammons making sure his leadership has a good understanding of eCommerce in general and Marriott strategy and initiatives specifically.

“In summary, Brandon has continued to work with a Partnership mentality in dealing with Marriott, not only in supporting Marriott eCommerce strategies within his own company, but sharing his knowledge, insight and opinions with Marriott…while always showing an understanding of the limitations, issues and opportunities we face on a daily basis working in an ever-evolving online market place.”